Composers and their stage works 

Frank (Joseph) GAGLIANO

Born in Brooklyn, New York, 18 November 1931.


  1. Night of the Dunce (as The Library Raid, produced 1961; revised version, as Night of the Dunce, produced 1966). 1967.
  2. Conerico Was Here to Stay (produced 1965).
  3. The City Scene (produced 1969). 1966.
  4. Father Uxbridge Wants to Marry (produced 1967). 1968.
  5. The Hide-and-Seek Odyssey of Madeleine Gimple (produced 1967). 1970.
  6. The Prince of Peasantmania (Inny), music by James Reichert (produced 1968; revised version produced 1970). 1968.
  7. Big Sur (televised 1969; revised version produced 1970). 1971.
  8. In the Voodoo Parlour of Marie Laveau: Gris-Gris, and The Comedia World of Byron B (produced 1973; as Gris-Gris, and The Comedia World of Lafcadio Beau, produced 1974; revised version, as Voodoo Trilogy, produced 1977; revised version, as In the Voodoo Parlour of Marie Laveau, produced 1983).
  9. Congo Square, music by Claibe Richardson (produced 1975).
  10. The Resurrection of Jackie Cramer, music by Raymond Benson (produced 1976).
  11. The Private Eye of Hiram Bodoni (produced 1978).
  12. The Total Immersion of Madeleine Favorini (produced 1981).
  13. San Ysidro (cantata), music by James Reichert (produced 1985).
  14. From the Bodoni County Songbook Anthology, Book 1 (produced 1986).
  15. Hanna (produced 1992).
  16. Father Uxbridge Wants To Marry


Lincoln Center Library of the Performing Arts, New York; O'Neill Theatre Center Library, Waterford, Connecticut.