Composers and their stage works 



Play. Michael Bogdanov
M8 F3. Extras if required. A giant tepee. Certain music must be used with this text. Please enquire for details from Samuel French Ltd

This adaptation of Longfellow's poem into a fast-moving spectacle of dance and rhyme had a very successful run at the National Theatre. All actors are called upon to perform the fast, athletic dancing, mime and percussion that makes this play an exciting and vivid visual experience.
ISBN 0 573 01786 7

Hidden Laughter

Play. Simon Gray
M5 (teenage, middle-age, elderly) F3 (teenage, 30s). Composite setting: garden, kitchen and sitting room.

Harry and Louise, a London couple, decide they have found the perfect weekend retreat in a Devon cottage: they can escape London's trials and traumas, their two children can grow up with nature and without television, and Harry's widowed father can relax. But the wiles of the outside world obtrude into this rural idyll and the cottage is soon for sale, leaving a trail of failure and disillusionment in its wake.
ISBN 0 573 01784 0

The Hidden River

Drama. Ruth Goetz and Augustus Goetz. From the novel by Storm Jameson.
7 men, 3 women. Interior.

The play all takes place during twenty-four hours in a quiet French house on the Loire when an Englishman returns to visit the family that sheltered him during the desperate days of the war. His return coincides with the return from prison of the eldest member of the family who was locked away five years for continuing, during wartime, an old friendship with a German general, as intellectual if not as completely immured in the peaceful pre-war world as he. Behind everybody and every action stands the figure of a resistance leader, Robert, who was captured at Orleans in 1944 and tortured to death by the invaders. He peers out of the grief-pained eyes of his mother, the guilt-clouded vision of the senior brother of the house and the Englishman who counts him a friend. All of these people are driven by: an anguished need to identify his betrayer.
ISBN: 0-8222-0515-7.

Hide and Seek

Thriller. Lezley Havard. 4 men, 4 women, 1 girl. Interior.

After 18 years of marriage Richard and Jennifer Crawford are finally about to become parents, and have moved from the city to an old farmhouse, which they are trying to restore before the baby arrives. He still commutes each day, while she stays in the country supervising the shambling handyman and cook who work for them. At first it is mostly the slow pace of restoration which nags them, but a general sense of unease begins to build as the old house seems to be resisting their intrusion. The lights fail, the plumbing malfunctions, a fey neighbour stops by with an odd gift (a prayer book for the burial of the dead), and her poet husband ominously warns Jennifer that she should go back to the city before it is too late. Further complications arise when they are joined by Richard's ne'er-do-well brother and his fiancée, but it is the silent little girl whom Jennifer claims she has seen swinging in the backyard who brings on the chilling climax of the play - in which the real and the supernatural clash with disturbing and breath-stopping results.
ISBN: 0-8222-0516-5

The Hide and Seek Odyssey of Madeline Gimple

Childrens' Play with music. Frank Gagliano. 4 men, 1 girl, plus many non-speaking roles. Unit set .

Madeline Gimple is an orphan who invents herself parents (Hansel and Gretel Gimple) and concocts all manner of outlandish stories about them to convince herself - and others - that they truly exist. She is also set upon by the Balloon Man, a villainous creature who is responsible for any number of nefarious schemes, including making people buy things just to create litter. This, of course, complicates the life of the Litterman who, with Steve, Chris and Alphonse (three versions of the same character and played by the same actor) contrives to save Madeline from the Balloon Man and give him his comeuppance. Filled with fast-paced action, charming songs and dazzling magic tricks, the play is a constant joy and a theatrical event unique of its kind.
ISBN: 0-8222-0517-3

High Infidelity

Play. Jack Popplewell
M4 (20, 30, 50) F4 (20, 60). Characters age sixteen years. A flat.

Herbert succeeds in achieving his ambition to be a millionaire by thirty-nine but, unbeknown to him, through the help of his philandering wife Susan, whose children Herbert never suspects as being other than his own. In fact, when Susan sets out to see the President of the United States on his behalf he declares in all innocence that his next son will be christened Ronnie ... Period 1980s
ISBN 0 573 11149 9

High Profiles

Comedy. Woodrow Wyatt
M4 (17, middle-age) F4 (15, 20s, 40s, 50s). A luxury flat in Westminster, the Garrick Club.

Conservative MP Philip Grantly has a loving wife, loving mistress, two teenage children and a good chance of a seat in the Cabinet. One by one his wife discovers his affair, his daughter is suspended from school for snorting cocaine and his socialist son is involved in a public brawl. Finally a newspaper discovers his affair and threatens to publish, resulting in a comedy which combines romance and wit with fun and suspense.
ISBN 0 573 01785 9

The Highest Tree

Drama:. Dore Schary. 9 men, 6 women. Interior (Unit Set).

The hero is a physicist who has been working on a military project and is brought up sharp with the pronouncement that he has acute leukaemia and has only six months to live. The realisation affects his relationship with his children and relatives, with the young woman who has fallen in love with him after his wife's death, and most importantly with his profession. Finally he decides to devote his remaining days to work with his son, who is a geneticist, in a world-wide effort to abolish further experiments in atomic weapons.
ISBN: 0-8222-0520-3


Brian Phelan :Drama 5M 2F Flexible staging

The last of a dying breed, Christie Cameron has spent a lifetime touring the counties of Ireland as an actor-manager in the time-honoured tradition. When Christie sets off on a short lecture tour of American universities in the company of his wife Meg, he has no idea he about to be offered the role of a lifetime as the figurehead of a mysterious Christian movement.Christie soon finds his fame and fortune in America, but overtime, as the movement gathers pace, the ministry's agenda begins tolook decidedly sinister. Against the backdrop of religious faith anddevotion tainted by media exploitation and financial gain, Christie is forced to question the purpose of his own life and values, and of those whose lives are inexorably linked to his own.
ISBN: 0 85676 166 9

Hobson's Choice

Lancashire comedy. Harold Brighouse
M7 (26, 30, 50s, elderly) F5 (20s, elderly). Three interiors.

Henry Hobson, widower and boot-shop proprietor, teases his daughter Maggie on her being past the marrying age. Maggie retaliates by marrying Hobson's best boot-hand, Will Mossop, and turning this retiring youth into a sturdy fellow whose new confidence makes him a real business rival to Hobson. Bowing to the circumstances, Hobson has no choice but to accept Will as partner in the new firm of 'Mossop and Hobson'. Period 1880
ISBN 0 573 01181 8