Composers and their stage works 


Mick and Mick

Play. Hugh Leonard
M6 (20x, 30s, 60s, 80s) F4 (20x, 30s, 60). Extras. A hall/living-room, a garden, a pub.

Fran returns home to Ireland for her brother's ordination and is confronted by her mother and sister, who are concerned with the neighbours' reactions to Fran's bleached hair and low-cut dress. Fran finds a soul-mate in her brother-in-law who is trapped in a web of stifling domesticity and meets up again with the fiancé who jilted her eight years previously. But a cruel misunderstanding forces her to leave home once more.
ISBN 0 573 11272 X


Comedy/Fantasy. Mary Chase. Created especially for and about children:
3 men, 3 women, 1 boy, 2 girls, plus 8-10 puppet characters. Multiple Simple Sets.

At five, Mickey, a vain and homely girlchild, being taken to visit a farm couple, Mr. and Mrs. Potts, had refused to return to her mother's house and had been left to continue her life with the Potts. The real reason for wanting to stay had been her stumbling on a fairy castle embedded in the hill behind the farm. It is occupied by a Duchess, a General, and an English nobleman, all with beautiful manners. These little folk are puppets; they seem true fairies in their elaborate castle. Mickey has become their pet; they have tremendous love for children - more possessive than parents' love, actually, and they are stricken when, at twelve years of age, Mickey is to be taken away by her mother, her younger brother Colin and sister Nancy. The Potts have sold the farm; Mickey must go home ...The Duchess, the General and Sir Edward, however, plan to retrieve Mickey. They dig a tunnel all the way into Mickey's closet in town and lure her, her brother and sister back to them. But now in the tunnel, the children are transformed into Little People too. They become puppets, carved and dressed to resemble the actors who play Mickey, Colin and Nancy. Reality does as it should in a fairy tale - it goes away." And fantasy reigns, until Mickey and her family come to terms, and live happily ever after.
ISBN. 0-8222-0752-4

Middle-Age Spread

Play. Roger Hall
M3 (middle-age) F3 (middle-age). A sitting-room, a bedroom, and a bedsit.

Colin and Elizabeth are giving a dinner party for two other couples. As the outwardly smooth, conventional dinner proceeds a series of flashbacks to the preceding weeks shows hidden links and stresses among all three couples. Among other things, it is revealed that Colin has been having an affair with one of the other wives; however, it seems possible that between Colin and Elizabeth there may be a chance of a deeper understanding.
ISBN 0 573 11273 8

The Middle Ages

Comedy A.R. Gurney. 2 men, 2 women. Interior

The action takes place in the trophy room of a rather stuffy men's dub in a midwestern city. As the play begins we meet Barney, the son of the dub president, as a teenager - and already a rebel against the WASP-ish virtues so dear to his family. He is infatuated with Eleanor, a local girl of good background, but she is wary of his wildness, and opts to date, and then marry, his stolid brother, Billy. In a series of flashbacks we encounter Barney at various stages of his life: as he runs away to join the Navy during the Korean war; as a campus activist in California; as a graduate student; and ultimately, as a successful producer of porno films. The flashbacks take Barney and Eleanor from youth to middle age - and throughout Barney, to his father's growing distress, continues to profess his love for Eleanor and to challenge the validity of the life-style she has chosen. He remains the zany, charming, unpredictable rebel, shocking family and friends alike with his outrageous behavior until, at his father's death, a kind of reconciliation is reached - as changing times and fading youth soften Barney's belligerency and offer the promise of quieter, but happier, years to come.
ISBN. 0-8222-0753-2

Midge Purvis

Comedy. Mary Chase. 5 men, 6 women, 3 boys, 2 girls. Interior

Mrs. Edwin Gilroy (Midgie) Purvis is a rich, fashionable and middle-aged member of Society. She is also given to cutting unexpected, and sometimes eyebrow-raising capers. Her rather stuffy son, Canfield (who is about to be married), has tried to reason with her but the thing that really makes Midgie sit up is overhearing Canfield's future mother-in-law drop a hint of what people really think of her. Midgie is distressed but, more importantly, she is struck by the realisation that she has become something of a "character" - whom no one, not even her son, needs any more. But it also happens that when Midgie receives this revelation she is dressed in her cleaning woman's shabby clothes. To avoid embarrassment of exposure, she is obliged to scurry out of the house - and into her wildest escapades yet. For having usurped her cleaning woman's clothing, she now assumes her identity as well and, with wig and false wrinkles, becomes the aged sitter for three bright but bumptious young children. At first it is only a temporary ruse but as Midgie begins to feel appreciated - and alive - her deception takes on more meaning than her real life. The result is an hilarious mix-up that can only be set straight by Midgie giving up her double identity and telling the truth. This she does with quiet resignation - but the outcome is not a loss but a gain. Midgie goes back to being herself, but this time it is the world which seems to have changed a little, thanks to her being in it.
ISBN: 0-8222-0754-0

Midsummer Mink

Comedy. Peter Coke
M4 (20s, young, middle-age, elderly) F7 (20s, middle-age). A living-room.

The amiable aristocratic crooks of Breath of Spring are at it again. Brigadier Rayne deploys his charity campaigns with little monetary success until Nan is passed a mink coat by a crook on the run, and soon they are running a meticulously organised receiving system for stolen furs, giving all their profits to charity. Finally, with the house full of furs and a police inspector making inquiries, they decide to retire - temporarily.
ISBN 0 573 01277 6

The Mighty Gents

Play. Richard Wesley. 7 men, 1 woman. Unit Set.

Ten years before the time of the play The Mighty Gents had been a power in the streets of the Newark black ghetto - proud, feared and sure of the promise of the future. But now, at 30, the glory years are gone, and the few Gents who still acknowledge their leader, Frankie, are mired in slum defeatism and a sense of nowhere to go. Unemployed and bitter, they hang around street corners guzzling wine and cracking jokes and deriding the two characters who symbolise what are, in truth, the only alternatives really left to them: the drunken derelict, Zeke, and the flashy small-time racketeer, Braxton. In a desperate attempt to resurrect The Mighty Gents, Frankie takes his men on one final raid - the robbery (and accidental murder) of Braxton. But, in the electrifying conclusion of the play, their brief victory turns to ashes and brings about the destruction of Frankie, brought about, ironically, by the despised and rejected Zeke.
ISBN: 0-8222-0756-7

A Mighty Man Is He

Comedy. Arthur Kober and George Oppenheimer. 4 men, 5 women. Interior

The theatre producer, Alexander Smith (who never appears on the stage), has been deceiving his wife with Mrs. Clyde, a lady of advanced views in Sands Point. Alex is serious;y injured in an automobile accident en route to New York. At first the lady's travelling case, found in the wrecked car, seems to be the property of Mrs. Clyde. Mrs. Smith coyly cons her into coming to the Smith apartment. When Mrs. Clyde arrives, they both discover that the travelling case belongs to someone else. Mr. Smith has not only been two-timing his wife; he also has been three-timing her. For the rest of the evening the play shows how the wife and the No. 1 mistress combine against the little chippy in slacks who has been replacing both of them.
ISBN: 0-8222-0757-5

The Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore

Drama. Tennessee Williams. 5 men, 4 women. Unit Set

We first encounter Mrs. Goforth in one of her three villas on the southern coast of Italy, frantically trying to complete her memoirs before her death. However, there is still life in the old girl as she bullies her attractive female secretary, spits venom at a visitor whom she dubs "the witch of Capri," makes propositions to a handsome young itinerant poet over half her age, and dictates night and day, either to the secretary or to any number of tape recorders scattered about the premises, her vapid and ridiculous, memories which she believes will form an important social commentary. To the triple homes of Mrs. Goforth comes Chris Flanders, the young poet who, because of his past presence in the company of so many elderly women at the time of their deaths, has won the mocking nickname of "the angel of death." At first we take him to be, as does Mrs. Goforth, a hustler who is willing to sell his poems, his mobiles, or his body to susceptible and lonely ancients. To Mrs, Goforth, who has lived a full and promiscuous life and is in mortal fear of relinquishing it, Chris comes as an answer to a carnal prayer, a last fling before she is forced to face ultimate loneliness. Then she discovers that he is unwilling to give in to her seductions at any price, that his is a spiritual nature which seeks only to allay her fears and soothe her pain. Until almost the very end she refuses to believe in his virtue. Her life has been so hedged in viciousness that she cannot accept readily anything but venality.
ISBN: 0-8222-0758-3

The Mill On the Floss

Helen Edmundson
5m 3f. Drama. Minimal set, if possible on two levels.

This acclaimed adaptation of George Eliot's classic feminist novel was conceived for Shared Experience Theatre Company and first performed in 1994. 'More compelling and fully human than the original' The Times.
ISBN 1 85459 276 9

The Minola Twins

Comedy. Paula Vogel. 3 men, 2 women, 2 non-speaking roles. Unit Set.

A comedy in six scenes, four dreams and seven wigs. There are two ways to produce this play: 1) with good wigs; or 2) with bad wigs. The second way is preferred. Myrna and Myra, almost identical twins, battle each other through the Eisenhower, Nixon and Reagan/Bush years over virginity, Vietnam and Family Values.
ISBN: 0-8222-1622-1

Minor Demons

Drama. Bruce Graham. 5 men, 3 women. Unit Set.

Deke Winters has, returned to the small town outside of Pittsburgh where he grew up, in an attempt to reclaim his life. For many years he was a high-powered lawyer for the Mob in Philadelphia, where he twisted the truth to free guilty clients, tried cases in the media, and was often paid in cocaine. The years he spent on top have taken a tremendous toll on him: he has lost his wife, his fortune, and he has forgone all custody rights to his six-year-old daughter. Now, all he wants to do is put the high profile case's behind him, live a decent life and practice simple, boring law. But the first case to come along is a terrible murder and sexual assault in which Deke must defend Kenny, a fifteen-year-old boy who has admitted to killing a thirteen-year-old girl. Deke's reticence in handling the case is compounded by the fact that his oldest and best friend, Vince, is now the chief of police in the town. Kenny is a particularly sick young man, but in talking with him Deke discovers that Vince did not read Kenny his rights until after the boy confessed to the killing. Kenny is guilty, but Deke can get him off on a technicality. Deke is torn between his recent vow to stay honest and follow the law - which would free a murderer and get his best friend thrown off of the police force, or lying - which would protect his friend and put a dangerous man behind bars. But lying is what Deke came home to get away from and he feels he must tell the truth even if it means terrible consequences. In the end, Kenny does get off. Forced out of his job, Vince also moves away and Deke is left haunted by his choice.
ISBN: 0-8222-1340-0

Minor Murder

Mystery: Reginald Denham and Mary Orr.
3 men, 5 women. Interior.

The scene is a remote ranch in the Australian outback where Shirley, a widow, lives with her teenage daughter, Margaret. Shirley has become disturbed by the intense relationship which has grown between Margaret and her friend, Carla, the child of her late foreman who Shirley took in after her parents' death. To eliminate Carla's influence over Margaret, Shirley decides to send her daughter to boarding school and Carla to live with relatives. This plan leaves the girls devastated. Their bond is even more unhealthy than anyone suspected and to avoid separation the girls coolly arrange to murder Shirley, charting each step so that it will appear to be an accident. At first, it is accepted by all, including Shirley's best friend, Patricia, and her attorney, Claude. But then, with growing horror the two grown-ups unearth small inconsistencies. To get at the truth, Patricia and Claude devise a strategy as clever as the crime itself, and painstakingly stalk their quarry, who outwits them at every turn until, in the final, chilling moments of the play, an ironic twist of fate causes them to become the means of their own undoing.
ISBN: 0-8222-0760-5