Composers and their stage works 



Drama. Will Kern. 4 men, 3 women (flexible casting). Unit Set

Hellcab is a 70-minute collection of scenes from a day in the life of a Chicago cabbie. Beginning with a 630 am. trip by a born-again couple. The cabbie's long days journey proceeds with fares from, among many others, a dangerous trio of druggies, a piggish mini-capitalist, a benumbed rape victim, an argumentative pair of fellow cabbies, a drunken woman on welfare, a smug lawyer, a randy couple on the way to a motel, and two boisterous New Yorkers out on the town. Alternately frightening, hilarious and poignant, these sharply etched blackouts and cameos are capped by a stunning and very touching final scene. Despite rough language and some truly nasty bits, the play is a joyous and spirited choice for the Christmas season.
ISBN: 0-8222-1604-3


Play. Alan Ayckbourn
M2 (40s) F3 (teenage, 30s, 40s). Extras 1 M 1 girl. A studio.

In a fortified, steel shuttered flat in North London, lonely composer Jerome sits surrounded by sophisticated, high-tech audio-visual equipment with only a robot nanny for company. Jerome desperately wants to get his teenage daughter back from his estranged wife, and enlists the services of Zoë, an unemployed actress, in his cunning plan. When his plan doesn't work, Jerome has to improvise and it's amazing what can be done with some new microchips and a screwdriver ...
ISBN 0 573 01691 7

Henrietta the Eighth

Comedy:. Kurtz Gordon. 6 men, 9 women. Interior

Adele, Wilma and Carol, daughters of Mrs. Claire Sutton, a widow who neglects her home for politics, are left to the care of their mother's private secretary. The girls always manage to change the status of the various secretaries to that of a personal maid, and eventually lose them. A new secretary arrives and when the girls learn that her name is Henrietta, and is to be their mother's eighth secretary, she is dubbed Henrietta The Eighth. The living room is Liberty Hall for their boy friends, Dizzy Lucas and Baggypants Baldwin, and the Coke set and the dancing Blitz Brothers, who represent the High School youth of the town, breeze in and out as though the house were a Community Centre. When Henrietta arrives, the girls begin to treat her like a personal maid, but Henrietta straightens them out, looks after their love affairs and exposes Annabelle Mason, Claire's political opponent, for what she is. They are all surprised when they (earn that Henrietta is a novelist who became a secretary to study them as copy for her next novel, but her interest in the family turns to affection and she stays on to solve their problems, bringing contentment to the household.
ISBN: 0-8222-0512-2

Her Majesty, Miss Jones

Comedy. George Batson and Donn Harman. 5 men, 6 women. Interior

This uproarious comedy concerns the complications that ensue when a popular television personality comes to a suburban town to open a new supermarket. The Robinsons and their neighbours are average citizens but when Monica Marshall arrives in their midst the results are mirth provoking and unexpected. The cramped household is increased by Clara Jones, attractive young spinster, whom Monica sets about helping to trap the elusive Mr. Higbee. However, without the aid of her script writer, Monica gets herself and the Robinson family into many hilarious and outrageous situations. Young PFC Ken Robinson, having met Monica at the army camp, has been nursing a deep infatuation for her. This causes Helen, the girl next door, to resort to drastic strategy to regain his interest. Further fun develops when Tim Hayden, ambitious boy-reporter covering the TV star's trip for the local paper, releases the news that she and young Ken are engaged. This brings Ken's Commanding Officer quickly to the scene. He and Monica are secretly wed. From then on laughter mounts and tempers rise. At the final curtain a miracle has happened, and Clara Jones has won a proposal from her prince charming, but not by practising what Monica Marshall has preached. An extremely erratic television set and a near-sighted lady plumber add to the mirth.
ISBN: 0-8222-0513-0

The Herbal Bed

Peter Whelan : Drama 5M 2F 1G Flexible staging

The play is based on actual events which occurred in Stratford-upon-Avon in the summer of 1613, when William Shakespeare's eldest daughter Susanna was publicly accused of having a sexual liaison with Rafe Smith, a married neighbour and family friend. Despite a recanting by her accuser, the young gentleman Jack Lane, the following month Susanna sues for slander in the court of Worcester Cathedral. Her husband, the respected Stratford physician John Hall, is desperate for her to clear her name in order to save his practice and gives her his complete support - but how can he avoid the fact that one summer's night while he was away from Stratford, Rafe Smith was seen secretly leaving their herbal garden? Faced with political divisions within the church, the hearing in the bishop's court becomes a risky gamble as three people's private lives are subjected to the glare of intense public scrutiny in this emotional thriller whose result is anything but certain.
ISBN: 0 85676 223 7


Play. Stephen Churchett
M3 (19, early 50s, mid 70s) F2 (mid 30s, 50). A public garden.

Three generations of a family come to terms with change over the course of a year. Stephen Churchett's elegiac new play considers how we deal with what's handed down to us, both the tangible and the not-so-tangible. How do we confront our mortality, and if we do live on in some way, what is the nature of our immortality? ' ... infinitely touching in its weary acceptance of the personal and environmental destruction wrought in the name of progress.' Spectator


Play. Matthew Weiss. 3 men, 1 woman, 2 boys. Unit set

The play centres on Hesh, a Bronx father who can't help but further alienate his already withdrawn sons, Sammy and Jacob, and his desperate wife, Bianca Despite all his good intentions, Hesh drives his wife and kids to despair, and drives them away as Bianca kidnaps her own children to save them, taking them to her native Switzerland. Hesh is left all alone. Years later, Sammy returns to the Bronx to try and re-connect with this past and with his father from so long ago. Both Sammy and Hesh have deteriorated over time, victims of their own assorted personal demons, yet, somehow, they manage to connect. They get through to each other - in the tiniest, most intimate level - in one devastating moment on the beach.
ISBN: 0-8222-1466-0

Hey You, Light Man!

Play Oliver Hailey. 3 men, 4 women. 2 Iinteriors/ 1 Simplified.

Ashley Knight (real name Orville Sheden), a leading man, has decided to live on-stage in the set of his current hit. The play being a sophisticated comedy, the set is quite lavish. As he is settling down, brandy in hand, a woman comes out of the empty orchestra and asks directions for getting out of the theatre. She has fallen asleep during the performance and now the doors are locked. This is Lula Roca, a rather plain and frumpy young widow whose husband, a stagehand, was recently killed by a falling sandbag. Ashley persuades her to come on stage, and then to stay with him for the night. Soon she is drawn into the realms of illusion in which Ashley has sought escape from his own rather drab reality. The next morning she goes off to round up her best friend to show her the magical life into which she has fallen, and while she is gone Ashley is visited by by his oafish son - the inescapable reminder of the limiting responsibilities from which he has tried to remove himself. From then on, it is a matter of conflicting worlds. Eventually the pressure of the "outside" one forces the two lovers to flee to another theatre, this time with a drab, prison set, but Ashley (with an assist from the light man) manages to conjure up a sense of excitement and beauty just the same. In the end, however, the truth must be faced. Sooner or later reality will come nipping at their heels, with responsibilities which cannot be ignored. Their idyll is illusive at best. Ashley goes back to his family, Lula to what's left of her own life - a little sadder, but a little wiser too.
ISBN: 0-8222-0514-9