Composers and their stage works 


God and Stephen Hawking

Robin Hawdon | Drama 2M 2F Flexible staging

Robin Hawdon's unique and innovative play examines the extraordinary life and career of the author of the international best-seller A Brief History of Time. In a brilliant theatrical tour de force, God appears as not only himself but in the various guises of Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, professors, mathematicians, the Pope and even the Queen to debate with Hawking the essential clash between religious teaching and scientific progress through the ages. From his early days as a precocious undergraduate at Cambridge and the diagnosis of Motor Neurone Disease, through his awkward courtship and ultimately failed marriage to his first wife Jane, the drama is played out against the backdrop of Hawking's life and theories, a theatrical battle of wits between Hawking and God himself.
ISBN: 0 85676 242 3

God Says There Is No Peter OTT

Play Bill Hare. 2 men, 3 women. Interior.

Having squandered her inheritance, Avis now operates a guest house on Cape Cod, thanks to the financial backing of her wealthy, but disapproving, brother. Her niece, unmarried and thoroughly unpleasant, joins her to await the birth of her child - only to be startled by the arrival of the baby's father, Peter Ott, who has at last summoned the courage to offer marriage. A failed priest, and drifter, and the disenchanted heir to a sizable fortune, Peter soon realizes that while his obligation is to the niece, and her stuffy parents, it is with the tart-tongued, world-weary Avis that his deeper sympathies lie. And it is in the resolution of this dilemma, with its bittersweet truths about the human heart, that the play and its people take on an emotional validity of rare forcefulness and shattering honesty.
ISBN: 0-8222-0453-3

God's Favorite

Comedy. Neil Simon M5 F2. Interior.

Neil Simon's actually made a funny play from the Book of Job-transferring the scene to a Long Island mansion where resides a tycoon his wife, a prodigal son and a pair of zany twins. Then a messenger from God enters (wearing a big 'G' on his sweatshirt) and everything becomes a test of the tycoon's faith, including his family. 'Awesomely funny ... The work of a man of vision. It'll make you laugh out loud.' New York Daily News
ISBN 0 573 60972 1

A Going Concern

Stephen Jeffreys | 7m 1f. Drama. Single interior set.

The technological revolution has not yet reached Chapel & Sons, an ailing family business making billiard tables. In the dilapidated workshop, three generations conspire against each other for control of the firm. The play is at once a lament for the passing of an industrial age, a retelling of the classic mythical struggle between fathers and sons, and a thoroughly entertaining story. 'Blisteringly tough and funny' Sunday Times
ISBN 185459270X

Going To See the Elephant

Play. Karen Hensel and Elana Kent; based on an idea by Patti Johns; characters created by Patti Johns, Sylvia Meredith, Elizabeth Shaw and Laura Toffenetti. 1 man, 4 women. Exterior.

The action takes place before a sod but in the Kansas wilderness of the 1870s, where four frontier women wrest a living from the stubborn soil. The matriarch of the group is Ma, a feisty, resourceful survivor whose wanderlust is still strong and who inspires the others with her' homespun wisdom and strength. With her are her daughter-in-law Sara, a hard working young wife and mother who is content with life as she knows it; Etta, a young girl suffering the trauma of having been abducted by Cheyenne yet still optimistic that marriage and happiness may yet await; and Mrs. Nichols, a fastidious and refined Eastern lady forced to seek shelter with the others while her husband recovers from a critical illness. As they cope with wolf attacks, the constant fear of Indians, and the dismal isolation of the prairie, they talk of "going to see the elephant" -crossing the next hill to see what lies on the other side - and it is this sense of striving to achieve all that life can offer that gives the play its power and beauty - and makes it clear that the wilderness was not tamed by men alone.
ISBN: 0-8222-0454-1

The Golden Age

Play. A.R. Gurney. Suggested by "The Aspern Papers" by Henry James 1 man, 2 women. Interior.

The play takes place in a once elegant townhouse in Manhattan, the home of Isabel Hastings Hoyt, an ageing but still charming recluse who had been a glittering figure in the literary salons of the 1920s. Now short of money, Mrs. Hoyt is concerned about the future of her granddaughter, Virginia, a twice-divorced near-alcoholic whom she hopes to see securely married before she herself, as she puts it, "kicks the bucket." In earlier years, Mrs. Hoyt was friend and confidante of many world figures, especially F: Scott Fitzgerald who, it is rumored, used her as the model of Daisy in The Great Gatsby. This fact leads Tom, an ambitious young academic, to seek her out. Tom believes that Mrs. Hoyt possesses an unpublished chapter from Gatsby which depicts passionate lovemaking between Gatsby and Daisy, a literary treasure which he is determined to procure no matter how devious the means. It is this obsession which sets up the increasingly complex and perilous relationship which develops between the three protagonists - a relationship which, inexorably, leads to the startling and ironic denouement of the play.
ISBN: 0-8222-0455-X

Golden Child

Drama. David Henry Hwang. 2 men, 4 women, 3 men or women (flexible casting). Unit Set

In the winter of 1918, progressive Chinese landowner Eng Tieng Bin's interest in Westernisation and Christianity sets off a power struggle among his three wives, which will determine the future of his daughter, Ahn, Tieng-Bit's favourite, his "golden child."
ISBN: 0-8222-1682-5

The Golden State

Comedy. Samuel Spewack. 8 men, 3 women. Interior.

A number of people have trekked to Los Angeles in the hope that they can do in California what they could not achieve in their home states. They now live in the house of Rosita Morenas, who calls her single rooms apartments, and who dreams of someday living in the manner of her "noble" ancestors. Her daughter, Carmen, is married to a young bank clerk, and Mrs. Morenas vainly seeks for affection in that quarter. When gold is discovered in her yard, Mrs. Morenas is sure that her son-in-law will accept her. Mrs. Morenas' boarders are a Philadelphia businessman who went to Los Angeles to write songs, a young veteran who is now selling mineral water while his wife works nights and a promoter, who, like Mrs. Morenas, is native-born and is sold on the California dream to the point of embezzling for it. Gold is actually found, but it is only some ore specimens that Tim, an old prospector and friend of Mrs. Morenas, has brought from his latest mine. Though there is no gold, the dreamers make their dreams come true through a realisation of themselves, rather than what they hoped to be.
ISBN: 0-8222-0458-4

The Golden Pathway Annual

Play. John Harding and John Burrows
M13 F7 but can be played by as few as M3 Fl. A bare stage.

The structure of this play is a loosely connected sequence of sketches, some deliberately written for great comic effect and others pitched in a much lower key. It is about a boy growing up in the period from the end of the Second World War to the late 1960s. The Golden Pathway Annual has things to say, says them well, looks you in the eye.' Plays and Players
ISBN 0 573 01666 6

Goldhawk Road

Play. Simon Bent | M5 F3. A back room.

Paul, a retired coach-driver, will soon be dead (or so he thinks) and the battle is on for his money. Paul's two illegitimate sons (of different mothers) are summoned to the scene. The dodgy, dealing Ralph is working for his financial stake, whilst John, a philandering coach driver, is equally keen to benefit from the will. Mary the cleaner has her own problems when her daughter Julia arrives having run away from her husband. This biting, funny look at contemporary living is easily staged.

The Golf Umbrella

William Douglas Home : Comedy 2M 2F Interior set

Robert, a failing playwright, is inspired to write his next play on the theme of adultery. Having read the first draft, his wife Susan claims his seduction scene lacks realism and Robert admits that he has had no experience whatsoever with extra-marital affairs. Susan decides to provide him with the experience he needs for his research, and arranges a romantic liaison for him with an old flame, Sheila. Susan makes herself scarce while Robert sets to wooing Sheila, who unfortunately realises all too soon that she is being framed and proceeds to foil his plans. Deflated, Robert phones Susan at her mothers to let her know that their plan has backfired - however Susan is elsewhere, and we are left wondering whether she is carrying out a seduction scenario of her own!
ISBN: 0 85676 209 1

Gone Up in Smoke

Thriller. Georgina Reid | M3 (35, 45, middle-age) F3 (17, 35). A drawing-room.

Set on Guy Fawkes' night, this thriller has all the ingredients for a spectacular evening, full of surprises for everyone. Rod, a master at an exclusive girls' boarding school, and his wife Marian prepare the firework display. They are visited by a man who attempts to kill Rod but gets shot himself. In the ensuing panic Marian substitutes the body for the guy and it is now the twists and turns begin. ' ... good evening's entertainment.' The Stage
ISBN 0 573 11210 X