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Ian Hornby

Stage plays by Ian Hornby

I have been writing for over 20 years and my plays have been staged and performed all over the World, from places as far apart as the USA, Greece, Cayman Islands, Holland, Japan, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Brunei, (and, of course the UK) and some have even been translated into German, Japanese and Turkish.

I was a founder member and am director of The Playwrights' Co-operative and New Theatre Publications, who now publish all my plays.

If you find something here that interests you, please email for a full pdf version of the script (Worldwide) or a paper copy on FREE loan (UK mainland only).

Plays can be adapted if wanted to suit different casts, and commissions are invited.

I have also written 2 TV sitcoms and a full length crime thriller, for which I am seeking a literary agent and/or publisher.

Click on any of the play titles in the Ian Horby website to be taken to a page for that play. In each case there is a synopsis and some notes about the play. In some cases there are posters or pictures of past performances.

Remember that - on request - evaluation copies of the plays can be sent to you in pdf format by email free of any charges or obligation. Just email me the titles you would like to read. Please remember, however, that duplication of the scripts or putting on performances without paying the due licence fee is against International copyright laws.

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