Playwrights and their stage works 

Hella Wuolijoki

(1886-1954) Finnish playwright and activist. Born Ella Murrik in Valga, Estonia. She received her secondary education in Tartu, and while still a schoolgirl, published in Estonian periodicals. In 1904 she was admitted as a special student to the University of Helsinki, where she won the attention of the folklorist Kaarle Krohn. At Krohn's encouragement she considered an academic career. However, the general strike of 1905 turned her into an enthusiastic socialist. In 1907 she married the politician Sulo Wuolijoki; the marriage was dissolved in 1923. She served in Finland's parliament from 1946 to 1948.

Stage Works

  1. Talulapsed (The Children of the House) - 1912

  2. Ministeri ja kommunisti (The Minister and the Communist, 1932)

  3. Laki ja pirjestys (Law and Order, 1933)

  4. Kulkuri valssi (The Vagabond Waltz), under the pseudonym Felix Tuli

  5. Niskavuoren naiset (The Women of Niskavuori, 1936) under the pseudonym Juhani Tervapaa

  6. Niskavuoren leipa (The Bread of Niskavuori, 1939) as Juhani Tervapaa

  7. Niskavuoren nuori emlintii (The Young Mistress of Niskavuori, 1940) as Juhani Tervapaa

  8. Jurrakon Hulda (Hulda of Jurrakko, 1937) as Juhani Tervapaa

  9. Juustiina (Justine, 1937) as Juhani Tervapaa

  10. Vihreii kulta (Green Gold, 1938) as Juhani Tervapaa

  11. Vastamyrkky (The Antidote, 1939) as Juhani Tervapaa

  12. Niskavuoren Heta (Heta of Niskavuori, 1951) as Juhani Tervapaa

  13. Entds nyt, Niskavuori? (What Now, Niskavuori?, 1953) as Juhani Tervapaa

  14. Haijynpuoleisia pikkunaytelmia (Half-Malicious Short Plays) - 1945

  15. Kuningas ja hovinarri (King and Jester, 1946) - a stage portrait of the Finnish poet Eino Leino.

  16. Iso-Heikkilan isiintd ja heinen renkinsei Kalle (The Master of Great Heikkila and His Servant Kalle, 1947) - with Bertolt Brecht