South African playwright. She was born in a small town (Senekal) in the Free State. She has worked extensively as an actress, has a master's degree in English Literature and currently lectures in the drama department of Rhodes University in Grahamstown.

She is a prolific writer who has written 12 plays in 15 years (five in English and seven in Afrikaans). She has won nine awards for her scripts (five Vita Awards, three Fleur du Cap Awards and a Dalro Award) as well as every prestigious literary award (a CNA Prize, a Rapport Prize and twice the Herzog Prize) and productions of her plays have won more than 40 theatre awards. Most recently Yelena won the Vita Award for Best Script (1998-99) while Drie Susters Twee (Three Sisters), was named Best Production for the same year. In Open Space, an anthology of new African plays, she is the only woman represented and one of two South African dramatists.

Sadly she died on January 27, 2012 from Leukaemia at her home. She is survived by her husband Lindsay Reardon and daughter Nina.

Reza de Wet

Stage Works

  1. Crossing - 1994

  2. Miracle

  3. Missing My Brothers

  4. On The Lake

  5. Three Sisters Two (Drie Susters Twee) Based on the play by Chekov

  6. Yelana

  7. Consuming Chekov

  8. Run To Ground (first presented in Afrikaans as Diepe Grond) (2003)

  9. African Gothic (2003)

  10. Breathing In

Rez de Wet