Playwrights and their stage works 

Joost van den Vondel


Dutch dramatist and poet: born 17th November , 1587, Cologne, Germany: died Amsterdam 5th February, 1679.


  1. Het Pascha ofte De verlossinge der kind'ren lsraels wt Egypten (Passover, or The Deliverance of the Sons of Israel from Egypt). Biblical tragicomedy. Published 1612. Produced 1610.
  2. Hierusalem verwoest (The Destruction of Jerusalem). Drama. Produced 1620.
  3. Palamedes of Vermoorde onnoselheit (Palamedes, or Murdered Innocence). Political tragedy. Written 1625. Published 1625. Produced Rotterdam, 1663.
  4. De amsteldamsche Hecuba. Play. Published 1626. Adaptation based on Seneca's Troades.
  5. Hippolytus. Play. Published 1628. Adaptation based on Seneca's Phaedra.
  6. Josef of Sofompaneas (Joseph, or Sophompaneas). Play. Written 1635. Translation from the Latin drama of Hugo Grotius.
  7. Gysbreght van Aemstel. Tragedy. Written 1637. Published 1637. Produced Amsterdam, Jan. 3, 1638.
  8. Silius en Messalina (Silius and Messalina). Play. Written ca. 1639.
  9. Maeghden (Maidens). Hagiographic tragedy. Published 1639.
  10. Joseph aan 't hof (Joseph at the Court). Play. Produced 1640. First part of Joseph trilogy.
  11. Joseph in Dothan. Play. Produced 1640. Second part of Joseph trilogy.
  12. Joseph in Egypten (Joseph in Egypt). Play. Produced 1640. Third part of Joseph trilogy.
  13. Gebroeders (The Brothers). Biblical tragedy. Published 1640. Produced 1641.
  14. Peter en Pauwels (Peter and Paul). Hagiographic tragedy. Published 1641.
  15. Maria Stuart of Gemartelde majesteit (Mary Stuart, or Martyred Majesty). Tragedy. Published 1646.
  16. Leeuwendalers (The Inhabitants of Leeuwendaal). Allegoric pastoral. Published 1647. Produced May 7, 1648.
  17. Salomon (Solomon). Tragedy. Written 1648.
  18. Lucifer. Tragedy. Published 1654. Produced February, 1654.
  19. Salmoneus. Mythological drama. Written 1657.
  20. Jeptha of Offerbelofte (Jephthah, or The Promised Sacrifice). Tragedy. Published 1659.
  21. Samson of Heilige wraeck (Samson, or The Holy Revenge). Epic drama. Published 1660.
  22. Konig David in ballingschap (King David in Exile). Written 1660. First of a pair of David tragedies.
  23. Konig David herstelt (King David Restored). Play. Written 1660. Second of a pair of David tragedies.
  24. Feniciaanse. Play. Published 1660. Adaptation based on Euripides's Phoenissae.
  25. Trachiniae. Play. Published 1660. Adaptation based on Sophocles's play of the same name.
  26. Adonias of Rampgzalige kroonzucht (Adonias, or Fatal Aspiration to the Crown). Drama. Written 1661.
  27. Batavische gebroeders of Onderdruckte vryheit (The Batavian Brothers, or Liberty Suppressed). Drama. Written 1663.
  28. Faeton of Reuckeloze stoutheit (Phaeton, or Reckless Audacity). Drama, 5 acts. Published 1663. Produced 1685.
  29. Adam in ballingschap of Alter treurspelen treurspel (Adam in Exile, or The Tragedy of Tragedies). Tragedy. Published 1664.
  30. Zungchin of Ondergang der sineesche heerschappije (Ch'ung-chen, or The Fall of the Chinese Empire). Tragedy. Written 1667.
  31. Noah of Ondergang der eerste wereld (Noah, or The Fall of the First World). Tragedy. Published 1667.