Playwrights and their stage works 

John Vanbrugh

(1664 - 1726)

English playwright and architect. Sir John Vanbrugh was born in London and baptised 24th January, 1664. Died London 26th March, 1726


All were first performed in London.

  1. The Relapse, or Virtue in Danger. Comedy, 5 acts. Published 1696. Produced Drury Lane Theatre, Nov. 21, 1696.
  2. Aesop, Part I. Comedy, 5 acts. Published 1697. Produced Drury Lane Theatre, ca. December, 1696. Based on Edme Boursault's Esope a la vale (1690).
  3. Aesop, Part II. Comedy, 1 long act. Published 1697. Produced Drury Lane Theatre, ca. March, 1697.
  4. The Provok'd Wife. Comedy, 5 acts. Published 1697. Produced Lincoln's Inn Fields Theatre, ca. May, 1697.
  5. The Country House. Farce, 2 acts. Published 1715. Produced Drury Lane Theatre, January, 1698. Based on Florent Carton Dancourt's La Maison de campagne (1688).
  6. The Pilgrim. Comedy, 5 acts. Published 1700. Produced Drury Lane Theatre, ca. March, 1700. Based on John Fletcher's play of the same name (ca. 1621).
  7. The False Friend. Comedy, 5 acts. Published 1702. Produced Drury Lane Theatre, ca. February, 1702. Based on Alain-Rene Lesage's Le Traître puni (pub. 1700), an adaptation of Francisco de Rojas Zorrilla's La Traición busca el castigo (pub. 1640).
  8. Squire Trelooby. Play. Produced 1704. Adaptation; with William Congreve and William Walsh based on Moliere's Monsieur de Pourceaugnac.
  9. The Confederacy. Comedy, 5 acts. Published 1705. Produced Haymarket Theatre, October 30, 1705. Based on Dancourt's Les Bourgeoises à la mode (1682).
  10. The Mistake. Comedy, 5 acts. Published 1706. Produced Haymarket Theatre, Dec. 27, 1705. Based closely on Molière's Le Dépit amoureux (1654).
  11. The Cuckold in Conceit. Play. Produced 1707. Adaptation based on Moliere's Sganarelle, ou Le Cocu imaginaire.
  12. A Journey to London. Comedy, 4 acts. Written 1726. Published 1728. Produced as The Provok'd Husband with many revisions by Colley Cibber, Drury Lane Theatre, Jan. 10, 1728.