Composers and their stage works 

Diego Sánchez de Badajoz

(1479?-ca. 1550?)

Spanish theologian, poet, and dramatist

Stage Works

The only extant plays of Diego Sanchez de Badajoz are the following twenty-eight farsas, first published posthumously in Recopilación en metro (Seville, 1554) and in more recent times under the same title in Buenos Aires, 1968, ed. by F. Kurlat.

  1. Farsa teologal (Theological Play).
  2. Farsa de la Natividad (Nativity Play).
  3. Farsa de Santa Bárbara (Play of St. Barbara).
  4. Farsa de Salomón (Play of Solomon).
  5. Farsa moral (Morality Play).
  6. Farsa del colmenero (Play of the Beekeeper).
  7. Farsa de Tamar (Play of Tamar).
  8. Farsa militar (Military Play).
  9. Farsa racional (The Marriage of Reason).
  10. Farsa del matrimonio (Play of Matrimony).
  11. Farsa del Santfsimo Sacramento (Play of the Most Holy Sacrament).
  12. Farsa de los doctores (Play of the Learned Men).
  13. Farsa de la fortuna á hado (Play of Fortune or Fate).
  14. Farsa de Isaac (Play of Isaac).
  15. Farsa de molinero (Play of the Miller).
  16. Farsa del Moysén (Play of Moses).
  17. Farsa de Santa Susaña (Play of St. Susanna).
  18. Farsa del rey David (Play of King David).
  19. Farsa de Abrahán (Play of Abraham).
  20. Farsa de la Iglesia (Play of the Church).
  21. Farsa del herrero (Play of the Blacksmith).
  22. Farsa de la Salutacián (Play of the Angel's Greeting to Mary).
  23. Farsa de San Pedro (Play of St. Peter).
  24. Farsa de la hechicera (Play of the Witch).
  25. Farsa de la ventura (Play of Fortune).
  26. Farsa de la muerte (Play of Death).
  27. Farsa del juego de cañas (The Reed-Spear Tournament).
  28. Danza de los pecados (Dance of the Sins).