Harold Pinter

Drama 9 Scenes (1978)

In a pub 1977. Jerry and Emma, who have not met for quite a while, are asking each other how they are. Jerry is a literary agent and his (not seen) wife is a doctor. Emma runs an art gallery and her husband Robert is a publisher. They talk about the popular writer Casey whom Jerry represents and Robert publishes. Jerry says he has heard she is seeing quite a bit of Casey. Emma says it is nothing but that anyway her marriage to Robert is finished as she has discovered he has been betraying her with other women for years. Emma has told Robert about the long affair she had with Jerry.

Jerry's house 1977. He and Robert are having a difficult conversation about their long-standing friendship (Jerry had been best man at Robert's wedding). Robert says he thinks Emma is now having an affair with Casey.

Flat 1975. It is the Jerry-Emma love-nest. They are ending the affair.

Robert and Emma's house 1974. Jerry calls. Emma is putting a child to bed. Robert and Jerry discuss temperamental differences between little boys and girls. Jerry and Robert agree to play squash as soon as Jerry gets back from an American business trip.

Hotel room Venice 1973. Emma and Robert are talking about a new writer, Spinks, whom she thinks is good and has been discovered by Jerry but who has been turned down by Robert. Emma has received a letter via the American Express office from Jerry, which by chance, Robert had seen there and recognised the writing on the envelope. Emma confesses that Jerry is her lover. Robert says he has always liked Jerry rather more than he likes Emma.

Flat 1973. Jerry and Emma are in the middle of their affair and talking about Spinks and Jerry's worries about wife Judith finding out about Emma.

Restaurant later in 1973. Jerry and Robert are lunching and talking about Robert's holiday and about publishing. Flat 1971. Near the start of the affair. Emma tells Jerry she has seen Judith off to luncheon with a woman at Fortnum and Mason's, which Jerry thinks is odd. Jerry says Judith has an admirer; another doctor. Emma says she is pregnant - by her husband.

Robert and Emma's bedroom 1968. There is a party in the rest of the house. Emma is combing her hair. Jerry comes in, tells her she is irresistibly beautiful, kisses her. Robert enters and Emma tells him his best friend is drunk. Jerry says he has been telling Emma what a beauty she is - `I speak as your oldest friend. Your best man.' Robert: 'You are, actually.' He clasps Jerry's shoulder then leaves Emma and Jerry alone.