Composers and their stage works 

Vera Fyodorovna Panova

Soviet Russian playwright and novelist. She was born on March 7, 1905, at Rostov-on-Don: died in Leningrad March 6, 1973

Stage Works

  1. Ilya Kosogor (1939)
  2. In Old Moscow (V staroy Moskve) 1940
  3. The Captives (Plennye) 1942 - rewritten as The Snowstorm (Metelitsa) 1956
  4. Girls (Devochki) 1945
  5. Farewell to White Nights (Provody belykh nochey) 1961
  6. How Goes It, Lad? (Kak pozhivaesh, paren?) 1962
  7. It's Been Ages (Skolko let, skolko zhit!) 1966

During the 1950s she devoted herself to her prose writing, which was copious, including nine novels.