Composers and their stage works 


Born in Columbus, North Carolina, 15 April 1919.

Stage Works

  1. Shattered Dreams (produced 1938)
  2. Blood in the Night (produced 1946)
  3. The Bancroft Dynasty (produced 1948)
  4. The Cellar (produced 1952)
  5. A Land Beyond the River (produced 1957)
  6. The Phonograph (produced 1961)
  7. Tell Pharaoh televised 1963; (produced 1967)
  8. Ballad for Bimshire, with Irving Burgie (produced 1963; revised version
    produced 1964)
  9. Ballad of the Winter Soldiers, with John Oliver Killens (produced 1964)
  10. Star of the Morning: Scenes in the Life of Bert Williams (produced 1965;
    revised version produced 1985)
  11. The Final Solution to the Black Problem in the United States; or, The Fall of the American Empire (produced 1970)
  12. Sojourn to the South of the Wall (produced 1973; revised version produced 1983)
  13. The Walls Came Tumbling Down, music by Willard Roosevelt (produced 1976)
  14. Bubbling Brown Sugar, concept by Rosetta LeNoire, music by Danny Holgate, Emme Kemp, and Lilian Lopez (produced 1976)
  15. Cartoons for a Lunch Hour, music by Rudy Stevenson (produced 1978)
  16. A Gypsy Girl (produced 1982)
  17. Miss Waters, To You, concept by Rosetta LeNoire (produced 1983)




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