Composers and their stage works 


American dramatist. Born New York City, 17 October, 1915. Died Roxbury, Connecticut, 10 February, 2005

Stage Works

  1. Honors at Dawn (produced 1936)
  2. No Villain (They Too Arise) (produced 1937)
  3. The Pussycat and the Expert Plumber Who Was a Man (1941)
  4. Confession. 1941.
  5. The Man Who Had All the Luck (produced 1944)
  6. That They May Win (produced 1944)
  7. Grandpa and the Statue. 1945.
  8. The Story of Gus. 1947.
  9. The Guardsman, radio adaptation of a play by Ferenc Molnar
  10. Three Men on a Horse, radio adaptation of the play by George Abbott and John Cecil Holm, 1947.
  11. All My Sons (produced 1947)
  12. Death of a Salesman: Certain Private Conversations in Two Acts and a Requiem (produced 1949). 1949.
  13. An Enemy of the People, adaptation of a play by Ibsen (produced 1950)
  14. The Crucible (produced 1953). 1953; augmented version (with additional scene, subsequently omitted), 1954.
  15. A View from the Bridge (produced 1955) revised version (produced 1956)
  16. A Memory of Two Mondays (produced 1955)
  17. After the Fall (produced 1964)
  18. Incident at Vichy (produced 1964)
  19. The Price (produced 1968)
  20. Fame, and The Reason Why (produced 1970)
  21. The Creation of the World and Other Business (produced 1972); revised version, as Up from Paradise, music by Stanley Silverman (also director: produced 1974),
  22. The Archbishop's Ceiling (produced 1977; revised version produced 1984)
  23. The American Clock, adaptation of the work Hard Times by Studs Terkel (produced 1979)
  24. Playing for Time, adaptation of a work by Fania Fenelon (televised 1980; produced 1986)
  25. Two-Way Mirror (includes Elegy for a Lady and Some Kind of Love Story) (also director: produced 1982)
  26. Danger! Memory! (includes I Can't Remember Anything and Clara) (produced 1987)
  27. Speech to the Neighborhood Watch Committee in Urban Blight (musical revue), based on an idea by John Tillinger, music by David Shire, lyrics by Richard Maltby, Jr. (produced 1988).
  28. Everybody Wins (screenplay). 1990.
  29. The Last Yankee (produced 1991)
  30. The Ride Down Mount Morgan (produced 1991)


The Story of G.I. Joe (uncredited), 1945;
The Witches of Salem, 1958;
The Misfits, 1961;
Everybody Wins, 1990;
The Crucible, 1992.


The Pussycat and the Expert Plumber Who Was a Man,
William Ireland's Confession,
Grandpa and the Statue,
The Story of Gus,
The Guardsman,
Three Men on a Horse
The Golden Years


Playing for Time, 1980.