Composers and their stage works 

Arthur Laurents

American playwright. Born Brooklyn, New York 14 July, 1917

Stage Works

  1. Now Playing Tomorrow (broadcast 1939)

  2. Western Electric Communicade (Broadcast 1944)

  3. The Last Day of the War (broadcast 1945)

  4. The Face (broadcast 1945)

  5. Home of the Brave (1945) produced "As the Way Back" (1949)

  6. Heartsong (1947)

  7. The Bird Cage (1950)

  8. The Time of the Cuckoo (1952)

  9. A Clearing in the Woods (1957)

  10. West Side Story (Music by Leonard Bernstein; lyrics by Stephen Sondheim) 1957

  11. Gypsy (music by Jules Styne; lyrics by Stephen Sondheim) adaptation of the book by Gypsy Rose Lee (1959)

  12. Invitation to a March (1961)

  13. Anyone Can Whistle (music by Stephen Sondheim) (1964)

  14. Do I Hear a Waltz? (music by Richard Rodgers; lyrics by Stephen Sondheim) (1965)

  15. Hallelujah, Baby! (music by Jules Styne; Lyrics by Betty Comden and Adollph Green) (1967)

  16. The Enclave (1973)

  17. Scream (1978)

  18. The Madwoman of Central Park (with Phyllis Newman; music by Peter Allen et al.) adaptation of the play My Mother Was a Fortune Teller by Phyllis Newman

  19. A Loss of Memory (1981)

  20. Nick and Nora (music by Charles Strowse; lyrics by Richard Maltby Jr) (1991)