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Armoured Train 14-69

Bronepoyezd 14-69

Vsevolod Vyacheslavovich Ivanov - (1927)

White forces are retreating into a Russian town in eastern Siberia, now one of the last White strongholds against the Red partisans in the civil war. Armored Train 14-69, commanded by White Captain Nezelasov, is headed east to bring supplies to the town and to assist besieged Japanese and American units that have been cut off and surrounded in the Siberian taiga by the Reds, led by Vershinin. Peklevanov, Vershinin's superior and the coordinator of the attack on the Whites' fortress in the town, orders Vershinin to capture Nezelasov's valuable train without damaging it or the tracks: the partisans will need them to attack the town. The only way to stop the train without damaging it is for someone to lie on the tracks. Sin Bin-u, a Chinese partisan whose family has been killed by the Japanese, volunteers. The White engineer comes to a stop (in accordance with the Russian imperial railroad manual), and there ensues a seventy-two hour battle at the end of which the Whites are exhausted and the partisans capture the train. Meanwhile, Peklevanov, who has already begun an uprising in town, is shot by a Japanese spy. The partisans on 14-69 force their way into the town, discover Peklevanov, place his corpse on the train's cowcatcher, and proceed to storm the Whites' fortress.