Composers and their stage works 

The League of Youth

(De unges forbund)

Henrik Ibsen (1869).

Prose comedy in five acts, an example of Ibsen's debt to the technical dramaturgy of Scribe.

Stensgaard, an extremely ambitious young lawyer, is inspired by what he believes to be a divine mission and uses the liberal reform movement to found an anti-establishment "League of Youth" and gain influence in "the local situation." With his loyalties veering outrageously from the naïve Chamberlain Brattsberg to the unscrupulous speculator Monsen and from eligible daughters to eligible widows and back again, he does in fact succeed in winning the primary elections, only to have his intricate schemes and court-ships boomerang. He is forced to leave town hurriedly; however, his relieved victims are sure that he will soon be heard from in Parliament or the Cabinet.