Composers and their stage works 

The Lady from the Sea

(Fruen fra havet)

Henrik Ibsen (1888).

Set in late summer on a west Norway fjord, this five-act drama relies principally on subtle character development and a poetically evocative mood.

Ellida, the second wife of Dr. Wangel, is restlessly dissatisfied with her marriage be-cause she is haunted by a love vow she made to a sailor years earlier. Fascinated by the sea, she is still waiting for the mysterious sailor who swore to come back one day and claim her. When a stranger suddenly appears, Ellida realizes that the sailor has indeed returned. She is torn between her husband and the demonic spell of this man, who both terrifies and fascinates her. When Dr. Wangel finally releases her from her marriage vows, al-lowing her full freedom of choice, she realizes the depth of his love for her and finds the will to reject the stranger and wholeheartedly accept her marriage.