Composers and their stage works 

(Anthony Walter) Patrick Hamilton

English novelist and playwright (1904-1962) educated at Holland House School in Hove, Sussex, Colet Court in London, and Westminster School (1918-19).

Stage Works

  1. Rope, 1929 (play) - film (1948), dir. by Alfred Hitchcock, adapted by Hume Cronyn, with Arthur Laurents and Ben Hecht (uncredited), starring James Stewart, John Dall, Farley Granger, Joan Chadler
  2. The Procuration Of Judea, 1930 (play, an adaptation of a work by Anatole France)
  3. John Brown's Body, 1930 (play)
  4. Money With Menaces, 1937 (radioplay)
  5. Gas Light, 1938 (play) - film 1939, dir. by Thorold Dickinson, starring Anton Walbrook and Diana Wynyard; film 1944, dir. by George Cukor, starring Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer
  6. Money With Menaces 1939 (play)
  7. To The Public Danger, 1939 (play)
  8. This Is Impossible, 1941 (radioplay)
  9. The Duke In Darkness, 1942 (play)
  10. The Governess, 1946 (play)
  11. Caller Anonymous, 1952 (radioplay)
  12. Mr. Stimpson and Mr. Gorse, 1953 - television film The Charmer (1987), dir. by Alan Gibson
  13. The Man Upstairs, 1954 (play)
  14. Miss Roach, 1958 (radioplay from his novel The Slaves of Solitude)
  15. Hangover Square, 1965 (radioplay)
  16. Twenty Thousand Streets Under the Sky, 1935 (trilogy: The Midnight Bell, The Siege of Pleasure, The Plains of Cement) - BBC television series (2005)