Composers and their stage works 

Ian Hornby

About the Author

Ian Hornby writes: "I started writing plays in my early 40s and still love to write them today, in between trying to write more novels and TV/radio scripts and being a drama adjudicator for The Greater Manchester Drama Federation. Oh, and I'm 2010 chairman of The Bridgewater Players Dramatic Society. And I run The Playwrights' Co-operative. Most recently I'm involved with Dying 4 Dinner - I write, along with my lovely wife Alison, murder mystery scripts, which we act out with a group of close friends at various venues, usually around the North West of England - call us for a quote! They're fascinating and lively fun, and are a good way of raising funds for the drama group, doing what we all love to do - act!

When people were foolish enough to actually employ me and pay me a salary, I used to design computers for a living: high-tech electronics and a job I loved. When my favourite employers, Ferranti Computer Systems, went bust, I moved to Unilever Research for 6 years and then to a couple of small electronics companies before going freelance, training people to use computers, interleaving my love of writing."

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Stage Works

  1. 'Allo, 'Allo, 'Allo, (Est There Any Body La)?
  2. An Eye for an Eye, Darling
  3. Are You Sure There's No Body There?
  4. Be Careful Who You Wish For
  5. Boomerang
  6. Cat's Away, The
  7. Cold Blood
  8. Conference Pairs
  9. Dish Served Cold, A
  10. Dream, Lover!
  11. Ex Factor, The
  12. Hello, Is There Any Body There?
  13. Late of This Address
  14. Murdered, Presumed Dead
  15. No, Minister
  16. Price to Pay, The
  17. Question of Innocence, A
  18. Tim'll Fix It
  19. Title
  20. Voices
  21. Wait Until the Ghost is Clear
  22. Where There's a Will...
  23. Whispers
  24. Winter, The