Composers and their stage works 

The Public Square

(Il campiello

Carlo Goldoni - 1756.

Five-act Venetian-dialect verse comedy

The play tells of the matrimonial scheming, gossip, and games that enliven a sunny little piazza in a single day.

Gasparina, the young ward of Fabrizio, has caught the attention of a visiting Cavaliere. The Cavaliere is also enchanted by the bustling life of the piazza and involves himself in the stormy romance of Lucietta and her jealous lover Anzoletto as well as in that of Gnese and Zorzetto, who is too young to marry. Misunderstandings lead to quarrels among the couples, who are temporarily reconciled when the Cavaliere sponsors a betrothal dinner for Lucietta and Anzolleto.

Quarreling breaks out again as soon as the celebration is over, but the Cavaliere, having managed to win Fabrizio's reluctant approval, once more achieves peace by inviting all to a celebration of his forthcoming marriage to Gasparina. Zorzetto and Gnese somewhat noisily resign themselves to waiting two years for their own marriage.