Composers and their stage works 

The Post Inn

(L'osteria della posta)

Carlo Goldoni - 1762.

Comedy in the elegant French style.

The Marquis de Fiorellini is betrothed to Countess Beatrice di Ripalunga, though they have never met. On his way to meet his bride, the marquis stops at an inn, where he encounters the countess traveling with her father. He decides to hide his own identity until he discovers the reason for her journey. Meanwhile, Baron Talismani, an ardent admirer of the countess, arrives demanding to know why the two left town without saying goodbye. A reconciliation is effected between Beatrice and the baron, but eventually the baron angers her father and a duel seems imminent. The marquis intervenes to prevent it, and when the baron accuses him of being an impostor, he reveals his true identity. The countess, her doubts overcome by the marquis's noble behaviour, decides to marry him, and all leave together for the wedding feast.