Composers and their stage works 

The Mistress of the Inn

(La locandiera)

Carlo Goldoni - 1753

Widely known comedy about Mirandolina, a flirtatious girl who has taken over the management of her deceased father's inn. A delightful but virtuous hostess, she soon has all her patrons in love with her. This dismays Fabrizio, the servant of the inn, to whom she is betrothed. However, though angered by her popularity, he makes no serious attempt to restrain her willfulness.

Among Mirandolina's guests is a misogynist knight, Ripafratta, whom she capriciously sets out to win over. After her mischievous teasing tempts Ripafratta to make advances, Mirandolina contrives to humiliate him. Faced with his fury, she realises that escapades of this type may well lead to the loss of her virtue, and she resolves to abandon her flirtatious ways and marry Fabrizio.