Composers and their stage works 

The Liar

(II bugiardo)

Carlo Goldoni 1750

Three-act comedy inspired by Corneille's The Liar.

Lelio, son of the merchant Pantalone, arrives in Venice from Rome and immediately sets about winning Rosaura, the beautiful daughter of Doctor Balanzone, by a series of dazzling lies. A serenade, some fancy lace, and a sonnet anonymously offered Rosaura by her bashful lover Florindo are claimed by Lelio as his own gifts.

Unknown to Lelio, Pantalone and Doctor Balanzone are old friends and have arranged for the marriage of their children. Therefore, when Lelio is told a bride has been chosen for him, he attempts to convince his father that he is already married, only to discover that his father's choice for him is actually his beloved Rosaura. Lelio artfully explains away all his previous lies with new ones and has just managed to win the hand of Rosaura and the pardon of all concerned when he learns that Cleonice, a Roman lady to whom he previously promised marriage, has come to Venice to seek him out. His attempts to explain away this situation are unsuccessful, and all the others, including honest old Pantalone, turn from him in disgust. Rosaura accepts the timid Florindo, and Lelio will presumably be forced to marry Cleonice.

A subplot involves RosaurĂ¡ s sister Beatrice, whose romance with a gentleman named Ottavio becomes temporarily enmeshed in the tangle of Lelio's lies.