Composers and their stage works 

The Coffee House

(La bottega del caffe)

Carlo Goldoni - 1750.

Naturalistic comedy of middle-class life in Venice

Set in and around Ridolfo's coffee house, where everyone comes to talk, especially Don Marzio, an impecunious scandalmongerer. He tells Ridolfo that he has lent money to Eugenio, a young merchant who is being fleeced at cards by Count Leandro; proclaims that Lisaura, the count's fiancée, is unfaithful; and says that Placida, a pilgrim looking for her runaway husband, is a prostitute. He also tells Vittoria, Eugenio's patient wife, about her husband's gambling debts, bringing on a quarrel between man and wife. The count is discovered to be Placida's husband. He tries to escape, but Don Marzio interferes. Ridolfo rescues Eugenio from his debts and reconciles both couples. Confronted with the mischief he has made, Don Marzio admits his guilt and decides to leave Venice.