Composers and their stage works 

The Chioggian Brawls

(Le baruffe chiozzotte)

Carlo Goldoni 1762.

Comedy. Goldoni draws upon his youthful experience as a bishop's assistant in Chioggia to present a rollicking account of life and love in the Adriatic fishing town.

As Lucietta sits making lace before her door in the company of two neighbours, Orsetta and Checca, she catches the eye of Toffolo, a foolish young boatman. The latter treats both Lucietta and Orsetta to slices of roast pumpkin, but Checca, piqued at being asked last, refuses his offer. The fishing smack bearing Lucietta's betrothed, Titta-Nane, and Orsetta's betrothed, Beppo, returns, and both men, furious to learn of Toffolo's attempt at flirtation, decide to teach the young dandy a lesson. Soon a good part of the town is involved in the quarrels. Toffolo lodges a complaint with the Bishop, and all the participants are brought into court. The assistant puts everything right, and a celebration follows during which Toffolo's betrothal to Checca is announced.