Composers and their stage works 

The Beneficent Bear

(Le bourru bienfaisant)

Carlo Goldoni - 1771.

This is a lighthearted portrayal of a gruff man's triumph over himself.

Angélique, Géronte's niece, and Valere, her lover, learn that her married brother Dalancour has squandered the family fortune and plans to put her in a convent. She speaks to Géronte about her plight, but he is so brusque that she is too timid to mention her love for Valere. Géronte decides to find her a husband and offers her hand to his elderly friend Dorval, who accepts on condition that Angélique agrees. Meanwhile, Dalancour has learned that he is about to be arrested for debt. Valere puts his fortune at Dalancour's disposal and offers to wed Angélique without a dowry.

Mme. Dalancour appears and begs Géronte to save her husband from ruin, and the latter reluctantly agrees to pay his debts. Dorval brings the lovers in and explains the situation to Géronte. He gives them his blessing, provides a large dowry, and invites everyone to supper.