Composers and their stage works 

There's a Girl in My Soup

Terence Frisby

Comedy 3 Acts - London 1966

Famous food writer and broadcaster Robert Danvers is in his early forties, vain and pompous and a compulsive womanizer. But then he goes to the wrong party and meets nineteen-year-old Marion whose bright fresh charm floors him. She has just walked out on her boyfriend, Jimmy, an oaf who wanted to move in another girl so both his girlfriends 'could live under the same roof'.

Naturally, Marion is impressed with Robert's lifestyle, especially when he takes her wine-tasting in France. But upon their return she hears from an apologetic Jimmy and decides to go back. Robert is pragmatic about this, having learned much from his short but intense fling with Marion. But when the objectionable Jimmy arrives to take Marion, she dithers. Robert's editor Andrew suggests to Jimmy that he and Robert share Marion. Jimmy is disgusted and leaves with Marion, who, it seems, may well be back. Then the phone rings and Robert is off and running with his new conquest - Andrew's au pair.


Robert Danvers
Clare Dorlaton-Finch
Andrew Hunter