Composers and their stage works 


American dramatist. Born in Cambridge, Ohio, 14 August 1941. Died 26 May, 1991


  1. The White Whore and the Bit Player (produced New York, 1964; London, 1970).
  2. Frustrata, The Dirty Little Girl with the Paper Rose Stuck in Her Head, Is Demented (produced New York, 1964).
  3. My Next Husband Will Be a Beauty (produced New York, 1964).
  4. Court (produced New York, 1965).
  5. Why Hannah's Skirt Won't Stay Down (produced New York, 1965; London, 1970).
  6. Can You See a Prince?, music by Bill Elliott (produced New York, 1965).
  7. The Last Great Cocktail Party (produced New York, 1965).
  8. The Demented World of Tom Eyen (produced New York, 1965).
  9. Cinderella Revisited, music by Bill Elliott (produced New York, 1965).
  10. Miss Nefertiti Regrets, music by Tom Eyen and Ilene Berson (produced New York, 1965).
  11. Give My Regards to Off -Off-Broadway (produced New York, 1966; second edition, produced New York, 1966).
  12. Sarah B. Divine!, music by Jonathan Kramer (produced Spoleto, Italy, 1967; London, 1973).
  13. Grand Tenement/November 22nd (produced New York, 1967).
  14. When Johnny Comes Dancing Home Again (produced New York, 1968).
  15. The Kama Sutra [An Organic Happening] (produced New York, 1968)..
  16. Who Killed My Bald Sister Sophie? (produced New York, 1968).
  17. Alice Through a Glass Lightly, music by Jonathan Kramer (produced New York, 1968).
  18. Caution: A Love Story (produced New York, 1969).
  19. 4 Noh Plays (produced New York, 1969).
  20. Lana Got Laid in Lebanon (produced New York, 1970).
  21. Gertrude Stein and Other Great Men (produced New York, 1970).
  22. Aretha in the Ice Palace; or, The Fully Guaranteed Fuck-Me Doll (produced New York, 1970; London, 1973).
  23. What Is Making Gilda So Gray? (produced New York, 1970).
  24. The Dirtiest Show in Town (produced New York, 1970; London, 1971).
  25. Rachel Lily Rosenbloom and Don't You Ever Forget It, with Paul Jabara, music by Paul Jabara (also director: produced New York, 1973).
  26. Ms. Nefertiti (also director: produced New York, 1973).
  27. 2008½: A Spaced Oddity, music by Gary William Friedman (also director: produced New York, 1974).
  28. Women Behind Bars (produced New York, 1974)