Composers and their stage works 

Susannah Centlivre

English dramatist and actress. (c. 1667 - 1723)

Stage Works:

  1. The Perjur'd Husband (1700), a blank-verse tragedy
  2. The Beau's Duel (1702)
  3. The Stolen Heiress or The Salamanca Doctor Outplotted (1702)
  4. Love's Contrivance; a farcical adaptation of Molière's Le médecin malgré lui (1703)
  5. The Gamester (1705), a sentimental comedy of manners
  6. The Busie Body (1709), a comedy of intrigue
  7. The Man's Bewitch'd or The Devil to Do about Her (1709), a comedy
  8. A Bickerstaff's Burying, or Work for the Upholders (1710), a farce
  9. The Wonder! A Woman Keeps a Secret (1714) comedy