Composers and their stage works 

Jo Carson

Born in 1946 in Johnson City, Tennessee, Jo Carson is an accomplished author of short stories, poetry, essays, and plays based on the everyday life of people from Appalachia. Choosing to remain in her hometown, Carson attended East Tennessee State University, graduating in 1973 with degrees in both theatre and speech.


  1. Daytrips (1989), a semi-autobiographical play about the struggles of a woman dealing with a mother who has Alzheimer's disease.
  2. reacher with a Horse to Ride (1993)
  3. The Bear Facts (1993)
  4. Whispering Horses (1996)


  1. I Ain't Told Nobody Yet (1991).

Other publications

  • Pulling My Leg (1990) - Short stories
  • You Hold Me and I'll Hold You (1992) - Children's Book
  • The Last of 'The Waltz Across Texas' and Other Stories (1993)
  • The Great Shaking (1994) - Childrens' Book