Composers and their stage works 

Luigi Capuana

(1839 - 1915): Italian novelist, crtic and playwright.

Born 28 May, 1839 : Died 29November, 1915). Italian author and journalist and one of the most important members of the Verist movement. He was a contemporary of Giovanni Verga, both having been born in the province of Catania within a year of each other. He was also one of the first authors influenced by the works of Emile Zola, French author and creator of Naturalism.


  1. Malìa (Enchantment) 1895
  2. Lu Cavalieri Pidagna (In Cavalieri Pidagna's Family) 1909
  3. Un paraninfu (A Matchmaker) 1914
  4. Garibaldi
  5. Vanitas Vanitatum
  6. Parodie
  7. Semiritmi