Composers and their stage works 

Relatively Speaking

(as Meet My Father, produced 1965; as Relatively Speaking, produced London, 1967) 1968

Alan Ayckbourn

Comedy. M2 (young, middle-age) F2 (young, middle-age). A bed sitting-room, a garden patio.

As Ginny prepares to leave the London flat she shares with lover Greg on a Sunday morning in the sixties to visit her parents in the country, Greg discovers another man's slippers under her bed. Piqued by jealousy, he first taunts Ginny, then proposes marriage. After Ginny leaves, Greg decides to travel on the same train and surprise her by arriving unannounced at her parents'.

He arrives before she does, to a very puzzled reception, for in fact, Ginny 's destination is the home of her older married lover, owner of the vagrant slippers, with whom she has decided to break. When she duly arrives, her shock at finding Greg is quickly replaced by a determination to continue the charade and so avoid exposure as her `father's' lover in front of both Greg and her lover's wife.

All but Greg eventually realise their true positions, and part with an irony which highlights Greg's naivety.