Composers and their stage works 

The Waltz of the Toreadors

Jean Anouilh

Play. . Adapted from the French by Lucienne Hill

M4 (young, middle-age) F7 (young, 18, 30s). A landing/study.

Now retired, General St Pé tries to keep old age at bay by dallying with every available pretty woman. His wife Emily, a determined invalid, perpetually complains of her husband's peccadilloes. Seventeen years ago, as they danced to the 'Waltz of the Toreadors', the General and Ghislaine de Ste Euvert fell in love. Ghislaine has waited, chaste and faithful, for the day when the General will be free of Emily. Now she comes to claim her man, armed with letters that prove Emily has been unfaithful.

ISBN 0 573 01471 X