Composers and their stage works 

The Zoo Story

Edward Albee

Drama. 2 men, no women; extremely simple set and props.

Schiller Theater, Berlin - Sept 28, 1959
Provincetown Playhouse - Jan 14 1960

Peter, a middle-aged publishing executive sits peacefully reading in the sunlight in Central Park. There enters a second man, the antithesis of the first. He is Jerry, a young, unkempt and undisciplined vagrant. Where Peter is neat, ordered, well-to-do, conventional, The vagrant Jerry is a soul in torture and rebellion. He longs to communicate so fiercely that, when he does make the attempt, he alternately frightens and repels his listener. He is a man drained of all hope who, in his passion for company, seeks to drain his companion. With ironic humour and unrelenting suspense, we see the young savage slowly but relentlessly bring his victim down to his own atavistic level and initiate a shocking and horrible ending.