Composers and their stage works 

Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?

Edward Albee

Drama 3 Acts

Billy Rose Theatre - Oct 13, 1962

At two in the morning in a house on the campus of a small New England College, middle-aged Martha has invited over new biology lecturer Nick (whom she fancies) and wife Honey, after a party given by Martha's father, the College Head, to welcome the young couple.

Her husband George, assistant professor of history, who has not been able to fill his father-in-law's shoes, is not at all pleased and the night degenerates into a liquor-soaked four-sided battle. George and Martha are experts, treacherously humiliating the young couple and prising out and revealing their secrets and their weaknesses, at the same time wounding themselves and each other. When Martha reveals - for the first time to strangers - they have a son, George hits the roof. The boy is actually a fantasy, a small comfort to them, and George takes the last trick by 'killing' the boy off. For better or for worse they now have to love without him.