Composers and their stage works 

The Sandbox

Edward Albee

Brief One Act. 3 men, 2 women; bare stage, minimum of props

Westport, Conn. Whitebarn Theatre - Aug 27, 1960
New York, Theatre de Lys - Oct 25, 1960

A man in a spotlight, and in swimming trunks, is doing his daily dozen silently. A couple appear to remark, drily, 'Well, here we are, this is the beach.' The woman orders. a clarinettist out onto the stage and commands him to play. The couple exit, return carrying the woman's eighty-six year old mother, and dump her in a sandbox as we begin to cross the boundaries between life and the stage. Grandma begins to weave her own rather dismayed history between the cool, indifferent patter of the people and the equally cool but somehow more sympathetic sounds from the clarinet. As grandma covers herself with sand in order to die the cryptic athlete turns out to bear a relationship to her after all, a nearly invisible string of intelligence and sentiment moves to bind the collage together.