Composers and their stage works 

Finding the Sun

Edward Albee

One-Act Play. Combining sexual and inter generational themes, the lives of three couples and a mother and son collide on a rolling beach the play becomes a discourse on maturity, passion and the passage of time.

4 men, 4 women; exterior.

Running into each other at the beach, Cordelia and Abigail do all they can to hide their dislike for one another, probably because their husbands, Daniel and Benjamin, aren't doing so well at hiding the fact that they themselves were once in love before ever deciding to marry Cordelia and Abigail instead. Gertrude and Henden (Daniel and Cordelia's parents by previous marriages) play witness to their stepchildren's passions which inevitably excite their own, despite their age. Gertrude acts upon her lusty curiosity by investigating what she imagines to be a sexual relationship between Edmee and Fergus, a mother and son whom she meets at the beach that day.

Henden, in his own time, approaches the sixteen-year-old Fergus and finds himself answering the boy's discomforting questions about the nature of Daniel and Benjamin's past relationship. All together, these chance meetings and forays into frankness offer a kaleidoscopic view of passion which spans all the ages of man and woman and-all the varieties of love we know.