Composers and their stage works 

Counting the Ways

A vaudeville in 21 scenes.

Edward Albee

This brilliant short play explores the changing relationship between two people long married but no longer sure of each other's love."
1 man, 1 woman; unit set.

Hartford Stage Company, Conn. - Jan 28, 1977




In a series of blackout sketches, "He" and "She" probe into the nature of their love for one another. Long married, but aware that time has wrought changes in their relationship, the two spar and thrust at each other in exchanges and reminiscences which are sometimes light-hearted, sometimes poignant, sometimes almost brutal. In the end a mosaic of experience is constructed, illuminating the nature of human love and pointing up the gathering indifference which can beset those who have been, perhaps, too long and too closely aligned in the sharing of years.