Composers and their stage works 

Distant Point (Dalyokoye)


Aleksandr Nikolayevich Afinogenov


Matthew, a Red Army commander, finds himself in a tiny, isolated collective near a railroad siding in the Siberian forest when his train is forced to stop there for repairs. The event is an exciting one for the inhabitants of the community, who turn out with patriotic zeal to welcome the hero. Most of the inhabitants are warm-hearted, dedicated Communists. Only Vlas is arrogant, and Lavrenty is dissatisfied, for he wants to desert his wife and go to the city. During Matthew's stay the little community learns that he is dying of an incurable disease. Moved by his heroism, the citizens begin to lay plans for their own self-improvement. One decides to establish a sable farm; another, to prospect for gold. Even the faithless Vlas is humbled before the commander's courage, and Lavrenty is shamed into staying home with his wife.