Composers and their stage works 

Three Men On A Horse

John Cecil Holm and George Abbott

Comedy - 3 Acts

Erwin Trowbridge is a modest young writer of greeting card verses living with his loving wife Audrey in Ozone Heights, New Jersey. Unfortunately, meddlesome brother-in-law Clarence is a pain: he built their house and he despises poetic Erwin. As a hobby, Erwin plays the horses - but only on paper. He never actually places a bet but he always wins. One day, after a set-to with Clarence he drowns his sorrows and meets a crowd of gamblers who pick up on his talent. Led by Patsy and his moll Mabel, the gang encourage Erwin to abscond from work while he makes their fortune. The action assumes a farce-like velocity as Erwin is chased by his wife, and his brother-in-law, the betting fraternity and his boss, Mr. Carver. Finally, Erwin breaks his successful run when he has a bet himself, and returns home to Audrey, kicks out Clarence and gets a raise and the respect he deserves from his boss.